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22 October 2021
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15 July 2021
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a talk by Schema-Monk Archimandrite Abraham "On Our Habit of Self-Justification?" appeared

2 April 2021
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a talk by mother Domnika "How does one learn the will of God?" appeared

25 January 2021
Section Feasts and Weekdays was refreshed. There a story "Is It Easy, Embroidering Heaven?" appeared

Hand-painted icons by the sisters of the Monastery

Events of 2002 A. D.


read this in full These days most sisters of the cloister go out to the monastery metochion in Merkushino in order to celebrate glorification of saint righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye in that very place where laboring and praying this great intercessor of the Ural land spent his life.

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read this in full The solemn consecration of crosses for the Archangel Mikhail cathedral being erected in the metochion of our monastery in the village Merkushino, has been accomplished.

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Also look the event’s photoalbum


read this in full Recently there occured an event of great importance for our monastery laying of the first brick of one more church. It will be consecrated in honor of all Saints renowned throughout the Siberian land.

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Also look the event’s photoalbum


read this in full Before the beginning of each academic year there are always so many children coming to our cathedral, that the whole church seems to become more like school. This Sunday there was held a traditional service on a special rite that attracted those for whom the 1st of September is the time to plunge into the students’ daily routine.

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read this in full Our monastery solemnly celebrates the Royal days. Every year all the sisters take part in the Divine Liturgy which is served on the spot of the assassination of the Royal Family, the night of July 16th to 17th. The next day we go to the men's monastery in honor of the Russian Neo-Martyrs near Alapaevsk.

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