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Hand-painted icons by the sisters of the Monastery

A spiritual feast on the Ural land

Church in honor of Archangel Michael
Church in honor of Archangel Michael

In 2004, 400 years passed since the time of founding of the Verkhotursky St.-Nicholas men's monastery and 300 since the time of transfer to this monastery of the incorrupt relics of St. righteous Simeon from Merkushino village. Both these remarkable anniversaries were celebrated from August 8th until August 12th. 130 clergymen and about 3000 pilgrims arrived for this feast.
Where do you come from?
- I am from Khakassiya.
- And we are from Fr. John of Kronstadt. We came from Kronstadt itself. This bus arrived from the Far East, those two came from Moscow. Kazan, Magnitogorsk, Krasnodar... Hundreds of people have gathered today to venerate St. Simeon.

Liturgy in the new church
Liturgy in the new church

The first liturgy in the new church
On the 11th of August in Merkushino village at our abode's metochion, the consecration of the church in honor of Archangel Michael took place after which the first Divine liturgy was served there. The service was led by archbishop of Ekaterinburg and Verkhoturye, Vikentiy. The church could not contain all those wishing to be present at the service: the faithful prayed outside. The shrine with the relics of St. righteous Simeon, blessed Kosma, and hieromartyr Konstantin of Merkushino were carried into the church. Upon the consecration of the church and the completion of Divine liturgy, Archbishop Vikentiy thanked all the organizers and trustees of the new church. Abbot Avraam (Reydman), the spiritual father of our monastery with whose indirect participation the church in honor of Archangel Michael has been restored, was awarded with a pectoral cross with adornments. The chief churchwarden who assisted in the restoration of the sanctuary, Igor Alekseyevich Altushkin, was awarded with a Patriarchal charter.

Cross procession
Cross procession

Cross procession
For the first time the cross procession with the relics of St. righteous Simeon took place in 1704. 300 years later the cross procession walked the same way. The first stop was made at the Veneration cross, on the place of prayerful feats of St. righteous Simeon. A short moleben was served there. Afterwards the procession continued by buses. Tens of buses followed one another in a line. The second and the third stops of procession were made at the churches in Kostylevo and Putimka villages. It is namely there that 300 years ago the festal procession stopped in a miraculous way. A fool for Christ, cripple Kosma was creeping then behind the relics of righteous Simeon. When he would get tired, he would pray: "Brother Simeon, let us rest." And the cross procession would stop, since it would become impossible to move the shrine with the relics from its place at those moments. In today's procession, the relics of these two saints of God also traveled the way together. The procession was completed in Verkhoturye. From the entry into the city, the relics were transferred by hands into the Elevation-of-the-Cross cathedral of St.-Nicholas men's monastery where a festal All-Night-Vigil was being served.

Cross procession.  A stop on the way.
Cross procession. A stop on the way. .

Radiant faces
Perhaps, the strongest impression from the feast were people's faces. Quietly shining, radiating peace, kindness and a certain invisible light. Not a shadow of grumble can be seen, everyone is thanking God. As a matter of fact, the most frequently repeated words here were: "Glory be to God for everything!" It's raining? Glory be to God! A little cool? Glory be to God!
Priest Nikolay Berdyugin, Ekaterinburg.
-- There is a feeling that the three great saints have gathered together here in order to strengthen us, the infirm ones, with their grace! Such a miracle could happen only once in 300 years! Even though so many people have gathered, and the long cross procession walked under the rain, yet, taking part in this great event, participating in the services, in the church consecration, was so joyful that no weariness was felt at all.
Nikolay Polyakov, town of Serov.
-- Through God's providence I was able to feel the help of St. righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye on myself. Three years ago, after I venerated the relics, I stopped smoking. No will-power helped before. And here I just prayed, I asked to deliver me from this detrimental habit and have been healed in a miraculous way. Taking part in these festivities you feel that you are a Russian, an Orthodox, under the heavenly protection of God and our holy Simeon.
Neonilla Lantsova, the city of Nizhniy Tagil.
-- This is not my first time in Merkushino. I saw how churches were restored out of ruins: there were only the bell-tower and demolished walls. Simeon of Verkhoturye is the saint closest to us, the Ural natives. We should always venerate him and run to his help. From this feast, especially from the cross procession, I feel great enthusiasm. You walk, you think it is far, it is difficult, but the Lord gives you strength. I already participated in the cross procession from Ekaterinburg to the Ganina Pit -- on Royal family days. Last year I went to Diveyevo for the celebrations of Seraphim of Sarov.

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