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Hand-painted icons by the sisters of the Monastery

The pilgrims from the German eparchy

At the Church on the Blood
the Church on the Blood

The program of our guests was more than rich. In the very first day of their arrival, the pilgrims were praying during Liturgy in the Church on the Blood in honor of All Saints who shined in the Russian land -- the church that was erected on the site of the assassination of the holy Royal Passion-bearers. Through God's Providence, the relics of the holy martyr Elizaveta were in the church that day, and the delegation from Germany with great joy and trepidation venerated the relics of their canonized compatriot. After this, the clergy from the church led them on a full tour, demonstrating even the well under the church which was found during construction works: it was namely this well that the Royal passion-bearers drew water from during their confinement in the Ipatyev house. Following this, a meal was offered where, side by side with the German pilgrims happened to be the clergy from St-Danilov monastery and the representatives of the Andrew-the-First-Called Fund.

On the first day of arrival
On the first day of arrival

Commenting their visit in the Ural to the TV program "The News of the Eparchy," Bishop Agapit said: "Today is the first day of our visit. Our pilgrim group from Germany came in order to venerate the holy Ural places and the Royal Martyrs; to observe and venerate all the relics that are here. To acquaint ourselves with the church life that is rapidly growing in the Russian Land. I was here half a year ago privately, but today I am here with a whole group.

In the sewing workshop
In the sewing workshop

Already saint John of Shanghai, the common saint of the Russian diaspora abroad, in 1962, in the Brussels church said in his sermon that the Church-Monument which is in Brussels, is a candle for people abroad so that we would remember the sufferings of the Russian people after the revolution and the assassination of the Royal Family. He said that the Church-Monument in Brussels will shine until the time when a similar magnificent church will be erected towering over Ekaterinburg. And then new times will begin. We are the witnesses to this, and we are very glad that the Russian people is moving toward the Church."

The site from the choir gallery of the Church on the Blood: parishioners before the relics
The site from the choir gallery of the Church on the Blood: parishioners before the relics

It is impossible to describe the entire pilgrimage in detail, nor all the relics which the pilgrims from Germany venerated. Ganina Pit, St.-Nicholas men's monastery and the Protection women's monastery in Verkhoturye; the metochions of our abode in the villages of Kostylyovo and Merkushino; men's monastery in honor of the All-Merciful Savior; Orthodox high school and orphanage for girls; St.-Ignatius skete, and also the Holy Trinity Aleksian cathedral of the Alapayevsk city; the crypts; Floor school; visiting the men's monastery in honor of the Russian Neomartyrs; a petition (moleben) at the mine pit.

The Bishop is laughing: we didn't dress warmly to no purpose
The Bishop is laughing: we didn't dress warmly to no purpose

Here are several particularly memorable touches. In Nev'yansk the guests were especially glad to meet a watchmaker who allowed them to try to wind a clock on the famous Nev'yansk tower by themselves. In Tobol'sk, the study-room of the Tzar in the former governor's house made a great impression on them. In the monastery in Abalak, the guests were offered tea with monastery-made honey and pancakes. In general, it must be noted that everywhere -- in all churches and monasteries, the guests from Germany had been received extremely warmly and heartily, so that the guests never grew tired of repeating that they did not expect such welcoming at all.

All together
All together

The pilgrims were also struck by the majestic nature of Verkhoturye, its boundless open space -- the rivers and forests going behind the horizon of the field. Such was the way they entered Merkushino: a bus is flying on the night highway, and inside prayers are sounding alternately in two languages: in Church-Slavonic and in German.

This week we really became like relatives to one another. We have no choice but to wait for their next visit, and this visit, as the pilgrims have promised to us, is not far off.

Tour in the Church on the Blood In the Lower church
Tour in the Church on the BloodIn the Lower church

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