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Hand-painted icons by the sisters of the Monastery

The Royal Days at the Abode

фото с сайта Православной газеты
The Cross procession in the morning
photo from the site of the Orthodox newspaper

The Royal days celebrated in our diocese, have resounded in people's souls in many ways. For the 15 thousand Orthodox dwellers of Ekaterinburg and pilgrims, the main event of these days became the night worship service and a penitential cross procession from the Church-on-the-Blood to the Ganina Pit. Other people came for the Royal days to listen to the competition of bell ringers and concerts of spiritual music (and perhaps, for someone it has become a step towards faith). The celebrations have not passed by our quiet abode either. Even though we did not take part in the cross procession, nor visited the Royal sites or listened to the concerts, these holy days for us were filled with important events.

Who told Americans about St. Elizabeth

These days have become a new confirmation to the fact that the memory of the Royal family is important not solely for the Russian Orthodox people. Long before the Royal days, letters from the faithful of different countries started arriving at our abode: people were asking to tell them how they could get to Ekaterinburg for the Royal days, where they could stay, and what churches they should visit. We were able to host several people at our place (not many so far, since the abode does not have a guesthouse for pilgrims). So, how do people learn about the feat of those whom we glorify at the Royal days? That's how Fr. Stephan, the abbot of St. Nicholas church in San-Anselmo (suburb of San-Francisco, California) answered this question:

Fr. Stephan
Fr. Stephan

- At our parish, people greatly honor the holy martyr princess Elisaveta Feodorvna. All the parishioners know her hagiography; they know that she received a martyr's end in the town of Alapayevsk. How do we in America know about her? Oh, how much could be said about this! I'll just give you one example. Throughout the world, the Orthodox chant the same beautiful hymn, I will chant it for you now, and you will recognize it right away. So, you've recognized it? How do you know it? Did a hierarch tell you to learn it? No? Maybe then, there was a mass propaganda? Neither this? So, what will you say: Who made it so that the whole world would learn about this hymn and about St. Elizabeth

Our foster girls: five years together

On the day of the memory of the holy martyr Elizabeth, our orphan-house for girls was celebrating its fifth anniversary. We were recalling this orphanage the way it was five years ago and rejoicing about how much it has grown and changed. In 2001 there were only ten foster girls: nine three-year-olds and one six-year-old lady. Our girls then would often get sick; wouldn't know how to do almost anything, and were afraid of many things. And now they are active, cheerful, gentle children who are interested in everything around them. In these five years their united family became almost three times as big: there are now 29 girls at the orphanage.

On the eve of the celebration of the orphanage's anniversary, on July 17th, a great relic - a particle of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord from Holy Land was brought to the orphanage for veneration. This, of course, was a wonderful gift for the foster girls and the staff of the orphanage. On the day of the celebration, after the service, the cross procession, and the meal, a moving staging prepared by the older foster girls based on the letters of the holy Royal Passion Bearers awaited everyone.

The Cross of the Lord at the Ural skete

On the day of commemoration of the Holy royal passion bearers, a particle of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord also visited our abode. It was delivered by archbishop Vikentiy of Ekaterinburg and Verkhoturye and by metropolitan Timofey of Vostr (Jerusalem Orthodox Church) with whom our abode is united by old friendship. In his welcoming speech to the sisters bishop Vikentiy said:

- The tree wetted by the blood of the Savior was accompanying us at the cross procession from the Church-on-the-Blood to the Ganina Pit: this is how much this event means! We were carrying the particle of the Life-Creating Cross of the Lord and were not feeling the burden of the way. Yes, our feet hurt, the body ached, and yet, it was easy for us to walk - the Lord's Cross took on Itself all of our burden. In the same way the Royal martyrs were carrying their cross, overshadowed invisibly by the Lord's Cross. May now this great relic support you also on your monastic way of the cross.

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