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The pilgrims

"Holy righteous Simeon, pray to God for us!" – again and again one hears these words full of faith and hope under the domes of churches in Verkhoturye and Merkushino at the shrine of holy righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye, by his tomb with the healing spring. And nobody leaves without being heard... On the 25th of September the transferring of relics of holy righteous Simeon from Merkushino to Verkhoturye is celebrated. Congratulations on this radiant feast, and our wish is that through the prayers of the righteous one the Lord would fulfill all your good petitions! Today we are publishing new testimonies of miracles that took place through his intercession.

The testimonies of godsent help through the prayers of holy righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye

My husband got seriously ill after he had his heart attack. He got dropsy, and there appeared trophic ulcers on his right leg which were impossible to heal by any ointments. This caused him unbearable sufferings. I began praying fervently to righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye and anointing his wounds with the holy oil. And lo, the miracle happened! The wounds skinned over! How grateful we were to the Lord, the Most Holy Theotokos and our beloved Simeon!

Margarita Cherkasova


With the child granted through the prayers of St. Simeon

A tragedy brought me to the church in Zelenaya Roshcha. I lost my child on the fifth month of pregnancy. The diagnosis was deplorable: even in the event of successful treatment, because of the inborn defect of the development of uterus, carrying of a pregnancy might be impossible. On one of the seminars I met an Orthodox doctor, and he advised me to begin treatment by treating my soul and to come to church. This is how I got to be in Zelenaya Roshcha. Just at that time a pilgrimage was being organized, and it dawned on me: I have to go! In Verkhoturye I venerated the relics of the righteous one; in Merkushino I venerated his tomb; I prayed and asked. And then I had the assurance that I will have a child despite everything. The pregnancy progressed painfully, there was a constant threat of termination. Yet, I kept drinking water from the holy spring and smearing the womb with it, and praying to St. Simeon. A year passed; it was May again, and I came back to Merkushino to venerate righteous Simeon with a newborn girl in my hands.

Elena Mironchikova, Ekaterinburg, May-June of 2005


In 1997 I was healed from an oncological disease. I brought water from Merkushino, drank it on an empty stomach and smeared the diseased spot with the same water. And when again they took an analysis for biopsy, this diagnosis had been gone. I stopped taking medications. In 2006 I had a complex fracture of my left leg (two-sided fracture of anklebone). Upon the four-hour-long surgery I immediately started drinking the water. And due to this I got up already in four months and started walking independently, without crutches (the doctors promised the restoration of the leg only in a year). My entire family, seeing these healings, venerates the holy righteous Simeon. We went with all of my family and friends, as well as with coworkers to Merkushino and Verkhoturye. I urge everyone to believe and not doubt that holy righteous Simeon is praying for us!

Lyubov Anatolyevna Ivkina, born 1954, town of Nizhniy Tagil


My mother, the handmaiden of God Zinaida, had a gangrene on her big toe. Upon examining her, the doctor said that a surgery was needed. My mom fervently prayed to St. Simeon of Verkhoturye, and the illness receded. The doctor was very surprised. Glory be to God for everything!

Margarita, January 28th, 2005


I drank water from the tomb of St. Simeon after the surgery of an oncological breast tumor. Glory be to God, I recovered, I am feeling well and I can work.

Abeldyaeva Mariya Grigoryevna, 72 years old, St.-Petersburg


My friend's husband got into a car accident and was in a coma. At an Orthodox fair I bought for him a kit with the holy water and oil consecrated by the relics of holy righteous Simeon of Verkhoturye. We gave the ailing man to drink holy water, we prayed, and rubbed the oil into the stitches on his head. The doctors were simply surprised how quickly he got better, and how fast the stitches accreted. After this car accident he became a believing person.

Olga, 53 years old, 2005


An occurrence of help to our grandson Alexander. When he was a month and a half, little Alexander was diagnosed via ultrasound with an underdevelopment of hip joint. We ordered a church service with consecration of water to saint righteous Simeon. We would smear his leg with this water and would give it to him to drink with prayer. Three weeks passed, and the joint got fully developed in such a short interval of time!

Tatiana, Krasnoyarsk, June of 2006


I, Lyudmila Prokopyevna Golovina, born in 1948, was baptized in 1980, but since there was no church at our village, I did not attend church until 1997 when I got seriously ill. We sent for a priest to visit me at home. He heard my confession, gave me communion and advised me to start going to church; he also gave me the oil of Righteous Simeon with which I anointed myself. Until this I had insomnia, high blood pressure, and decline of strength. For three months I didn't work because of my state of health. After I began anointing myself with the oil, my health was restored. I read the prayer to holy righteous Simeon twice a day and consider him our protector and the main intercessor in praying for us sinners!

Lesnoy village, August of 2006

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