Novo-Tikhvin women's monastery: Holy Places of the Urals

Holy Sites of the Urals

The Urals have always been known for their holy sites. In the most recent times this region has been decorated with the multitude of new martyrs of Russia, among whom the Holy Royal Martyrs and Grand Duchess Elizabeth shine forth as if the largest crown jewels. Speaking about these holy sites in our Diocese we will lead you on the Royal Path, pray at the Alapaevsk Shaft, and discover the expanses of Verkhoturye. We are inviting everyone on a pilgrimage, by means of which you will be introduced to many ancient shrines as well as those that have been revealed to us only recently.

Royal Path
The Site of Martyrdom of the Holy Royal Martyrs

Ganina Yama

Land of St. Simeon
The Vast Land of Siberia


Rock at the Site of Ascetic Deeds of Holy Righteous St. Simeon

Church in the Village of Kostyleva

Church in Putimka Village

City of Verkhoturye

Monastery at the Site of Martyrdom of Hieromartyr Elizabeth